Call Of Duty nickname colorizer

Call of Duty remote console

DirectChat (java)

DirectChat (visual basic)

Fake mailer

FTP Backup tool

Geek Launcher

Kiosk Browser - A full screen browser which can not be switched out or closed easily

Licensing tool

A simple mediacenter (python)

MP3 rename tool

Rename and restructure mp3s and other music files with ease

Race league manager

Pong (C++ / SDL)

A simple countdown timer

PureFTPd-mysql admin

Slider Puzzle (Android)

SmartChat client/server

Simple input/output library

Organizer (java)

Organizer (visual basic)

Lousy secrets manager (C#)

Lousy secrets manager (PHP)

Smash Battle (libgdx fork)

Smash Battle level editor (not updated, go to )

Smash Battle (not updated, go to )

Sudoku brute force solver

Topomaat - Topography educational tool

Alarmclock which triggers winamp